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A Conversation with Gillian Sng

A Conversation with Gillian Sng

1) Could you give me a short introduction about yourself?
I'm a curious thinker who spends most of my time being in the digital space - I'm a digital marketer by day, and a content creator by night (and all pockets of time in between).  

2)  How would you describe your personal style? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Simple, and effortless. I enjoy neutral palettes the most, and gravitate towards books and indie style icons that exude the same quiet confidence that I enjoy and wish to embody.
3) What is your favourite outfit? Do you dress according to your mood?
It's hard to pinpoint a single outfit, but I definitely love to throw on an oversized button-down shirt over a fitted crop top and some slim-cut shorts for an easy, casual look. My mood definitely determines what I wear, like if I'm feeling a little blue, I would tend to opt for slightly cheerier colours. It really does wonders in turning the mood around!
4) What’s the one tip you’ll give to someone else who wants to improve her style?
Don't follow all the fads! They come and go, but true style is knowing what works for your body type and complementing it with the right clothes. There is a right fit for everyone, you just have to find it ;)
5) If you could write a letter to your younger or older self, which would you choose and what advice would you give her? 
I would definitely tell my younger self to let my hair down a little more, and to enjoy my carefree youth with lesser focus on what others may think, because true happiness begins with loving and putting yourself first.

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