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Let's Talk Terrazzo

Let's Talk Terrazzo

Trends may come and go, but terrazzo has stood the test of time and remained relevant in modern design — with good reason.

Originating from 15th century Venice, the vibrant combination of granite, marble, quartz, and glass fragments caught our eye. We couldn’t help but love how terrazzo adds personality to any space. Its dazzling pattern effortlessly transforms a blank canvas into an art piece.

Check out the three stand-out details of our latest case collection.



The Terrazzo Effect

At the core of every COEHL collection has always been about expressing the organic and multifaceted nature of real women. Each piece that a woman carries in not simply an accessory, but an extension of her lifestyle.

Naturally, creating a terrazzo-inspired collection made perfect sense to us.

Terrazzo’s qualities are synonymous with the modern woman.

Its durability reflects her quiet strength, while its versatility represents the fluidity of femininity. The terrazzo’s unique pattern gives it character, much like a woman’s sense of individuality. 

Golden Details

Taking a leaf out of the home interior classic, our Terrazzo cases blend traditional and modern together. We believe that thoughtful, subtle details make all the difference, so we added our own touch of elegance to the collection.

Up close, you’ll catch glimmering speckles of gold dust reflecting in the light. Watch them dance gracefully between the considered spaces of beautifully random shapes, bringing the case to life.



Shades of Summer

Just as how a fresh coat of paint can enliven a room, our cases give traditional terrazzo a modern spin with carefully curated colours to add a tinge of fun.

Each case comes dripping in a soft pastel shade (yeah, very millennial). This natural white or blushing pink base creates a bold contrast against a kaleidoscope of bright summer-hued specks, which pop like a burst of confetti.

For us, good design isn’t simply about the aesthetics, but also about how it makes you feel. With our Terrazzo collection, we made sure you could take it anywhere with you in style — looking and feeling good!



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