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The Essence of Gifting with Tessa Burton

The Essence of Gifting with Tessa Burton

Hello Tessa! Could you tell us a little about yourself and the inspiration behind your style?

Hello! I’d say my style is quite eclectic and has changed a lot throughout the years from travelling and living in so many different countries. I love earthy colours and timeless pieces, but I also can’t resist a good print. I’m also very much inspired by retro styles, but another side of me loves comfort, minimal dressing and island wear. Overall, I think I’m quite versatile – and that’s also reflected in the work I do.



How would you describe your approach to gifting?

I would say I’m quite a practical gift-giver. I really think about what the person needs or might appreciate. I put thought into my gifts and try to be personal. Presentation is also important to me and I’m very much here for cute wrapping paper and handmade gift tags and cards!

Could you tell us about the most memorable or unusual gift you've ever received?

My partner, Mack, has always been amazing at surprising me with gifts – even though I think I’m very hard to buy for! I tried on this incredible dress in a boutique once and was gushing about it to him. Little did I know, he secretly bought it for my 30th birthday and surprised me with it! This is the dress I later wore when we got engaged in Puglia. It’ll be a piece I treasure forever.



What makes a gift truly memorable and meaningful to you?

I really appreciate when the gift shows the person has listened, been observant and noticed what you might need or would like. It’s not necessarily about it being a big or expensive gift but about the thought behind it – even if it’s something silly!

Any tips for readers trying to pick a meaningful gift for their loved ones?

Be observant, listen and pick up on things you might think they need, like, or would mean something to them. Maybe it’s something that connects you both or something that reminds you of them. Writing a list of ideas always helps!



Gifting means something different to everyone, but we’re pretty sure the joy that comes from it is universal. Join us in celebrating the season of giving – from 12 to 31 December 2024, we’re offering special prices on all our collections so you can treat yourself or your loved ones to a gift they deserve.

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