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A Conversation with Phoebe Tong

A Conversation with Phoebe Tong

1) Could you give me a short introduction about yourself? 

My name is Phoebe and my surname is Tong which literally means Soup in Chinese hence my Instagram name Phoebe Soup.

I’m a style director and photographer for LAB VIII, a creative studio founded together with my husband. I’m also a mother to a soon to be two year old daughter. I grew up and am currently living in Hong Kong. 

2) How do you stay inspired and creative? What are some of your rituals (if any) in preparation for a day of content creation?

Being a mother to a young toddler means everyday is different and full of surprises and I find that to be inspiring. I rarely do anything specific to look for inspiration, I actually tend to be more inspired by new experiences.

3) How would you describe your personal style? 

I like a clean and minimal style and I’m also careful with not adding and mixing too many colours. I like a combination of Scandinavian minimalism and French romanticism.


4) What is life like before and after motherhood? How do you juggle your role as a style director and a mother?

The biggest difference before and after motherhood is time. Being a mother means most of your time goes to take care of your little one who needs constant attention. 

So I have to do a lot of work at night or when my daughter is taking naps. I practically live on caffeine now.

Phoebe Tong / Soup and toddler girl

5) What’s one advice you would give a younger you?

Always trust your instincts and go for it! 

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